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Record is a leading specialist currency and asset manager with $102.2 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM*) for institutional clients; with global offices across London, Frankfurt, Zürich, and Düsseldorf.


Information as at 28 March 2024




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Our Solutions

Currency Management

Record’s family of currency products are centred on highly bespoke risk management solutions; trading various FX instruments globally across developed, emerging, and frontier markets to best suit the evolving currency requirements of our clients.

Asset Management

Asset Management at Record provides private market, yield-enhancing strategies to institutional investors; across EM debt, Digital Lending, Private Credit and Infrastructure asset classes; offering sustainable and customisable structuring and delivery infrastructure.

Sustainable Finance

Record delivers sustainable, innovative, and thought-leading solutions to the needs of institutional investors; embedded within well-established impact and ESG frameworks.

Record Services

Other Services

As a growth oriented multi-asset manager, Record continues to modernise the business, diversify product offerings and invest in exceptional talent. Record’s ancillary service offerings will continue to expand, which to date include cash, liquidity and collateral management, currency audits, bespoke transaction cost analysis, and signal hedging.