Our Team

At Record, we pride ourselves on creating a talent driven workforce dedicated to providing financial guidance and services to our clients. Our team includes financial advisors, investment analysts, and support staff who work together to create customised investment strategies that align with each client’s unique financial goals.

Simon Stalder

Head Asset Management Sales, Switzerland

William Ellis

Analyst, Client Team

Nicola Smith

Associate Director, Client Team

Oldrik Verloop

Managing Partner

Dr Jan Hendrik Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Thomet

Managing Partner

Vanessa Vantol

Managing Partner

Zahira Habib Dewji

Director, Head of Sales, UK

Dr Tom Arnold

Director, Head of Sales, North America

Supriya Saketharam

Associate Director, Client Team

Carl Beckley

Director, Client Team

David Ehrmantraut

Analyst, Client Team

Victoria Butcher

Analyst, Client Team