Launch of 2024 Impact Report

28 Jun 2024

Record, the specialist currency and asset manager, announces the release of its inaugural impact report for its Emerging Market Sustainable Finance (“EMSF”) strategy. The report highlights the environmental, social, and economic characteristics promoted by its portfolio investments. This is a first step in setting a new standard for currency impact with the development of new metrics, case studies and the refinement of the EMSF impact framework.

The launch of EMSF in 2021 was a pioneering step to design a sustainable finance solution together with private sector investors that aims to support the development of local currency markets in emerging market and developing economies to promote United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (“UN SDG”) -aligned socioeconomic growth.

The reports highlight several accomplishments, such as: 

  • An evolved impact framework with four overarching impact principles and corresponding development outputs;
  • Mapping of portfolio-level UN SDG-aligned impact outcomes for the bond portfolio;
  • A new Counterparty Leadership Framework developed to incentivise counterparties to provide improved transparency investments use of proceeds and impact outcomes; and
  • Several impactful case studies of bespoke local-currency investments in developing economies

“EMSF aims to mobilise private sector capital to do good via currency markets in emerging market and developing economies. As a pioneer in this space, we are at the forefront in developing frameworks that can successfully demonstrate the positive impact of developing local currency markets. This report is therefore a significant milestone in telling EMSF’s impact story.


We expect our theory of change and our impact reporting to evolve overtime, as we grasp a clearer picture of the opportunities that are most effective in shaping and delivering change in the most underserved communities.” 

  • Andreas Koester, CEO, Emerging Market and Frontier Investments


“It has been a remarkable privilege to collaborate with diverse stakeholders who are just as committed to sustainable development. I look forward to further engagement and the continued growth of our social impact.”

  • Renata Kreuzig, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Sustainable Finance 



Further information

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